Carpet and Floor Cleaning Services in Cincinnati

At Teasdale Fenton, we are your premier carpet cleaning company serving Cincinnati and Greater Cincinnati, OH. We offer hardwood floor, furniture, area rug and air duct cleaning, and so much more.

Have an emergency? We’re available 24/7 to take care of problems from water damage, fire, mold, messy pets and unexpected events that require cleaning, restoration and reconstruction.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Teasdale Fenton offers professional cleaning services for homes as well as business offices, so whether you have a residential or commercial property in Cincinnati, you can contact us for any of the following services:

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets say a lot about the cleanliness of your home to your guests. They can also harbor allergens and other irritants that traditional vacuuming can't get. Let our expert carpet cleaning experts help get your floors looking and smelling like new using our steam cleaning process.

Water Damage

We handle your emergency water and flood damage and restoration promptly and professionally, and to your satisfaction. Our Water Damage Restoration, Water Mitigation, and Fire Damage Restoration cleaning services are all guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts distribute air throughout your home so it's essential to have them cleaned periodically to eliminate dust, allergens and other irritants that your ducts may be harboring. Our crews employ cameras to check the condition of the ducts before cleaning and to ensure all dirt is removed after cleaning.

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For more than 15 years, we've earned a name for quality and customer service in Cincinnati. When you need help with professional restoration or cleaning services, don't hesitate to contact us at 513-729-9793.

Customer Reviews from Cincinnati
H from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
May 3rd, 2017
The crew arrived on time but had to come back a few days later to do the job as they needed additional hose to reach all the areas in our home. It was necessary to clean the second floor register by register as their equipment would not fit through the drop down stairs to the attic where the second furnace is located. Lots of drywall dust and debris from our renovation was removed. Dust levels are better now.
A J from Cincinnati,
5 Stars
Sep 18th, 2017
I used the duct cleaning service. Because of the unique challenges involved it took several visits and extra equipment in order to complete the service. Everyone involved was helpful, the job went well and I am pleased with the entire experience.
Gerry from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Dec 21st, 2009
truthful, and trustworth
William D from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Sep 6th, 2013
On time and excellent!

We have used Teasdale Fenton in the past and are repeat customers because of the "on-time" and excellent service.
H. J from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Nov 8th, 2013

Teasdale was able to remove years old stains that no other cleaner could do. I was really impressed.
A. W from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Nov 14th, 2013
Very good.

Very good. I will be using Teasdale from now on.the guys were very professional and courteous and went the extra mile to try to get out some of the spots that didn't come up at first.thanks I will see you guys as six months
Missy from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Nov 16th, 2013
First time costumer and VERY HAPPY!!

I am a first time costumer and happy I chose Teasdale Fenton company. TJ and Josh were friendly and professional. Thank You for your help and service!! M. Schmitt Green township
B. M from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Dec 4th, 2013

Allen was very thorough and informative. He provided professional service and helpful information throughout the process.
Alan from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Dec 11th, 2013
Exceeded expectations, and super thorough.

Very thorough and took the time needed; it had been certainly a decade or more since last cleaning and I appreciated their thoroughness. Also very professional, clean and neat workers, very easy to communicate with.