Servicing Cincinnati Since 1830
Servicing Cincinnati Since 1830

Carpet Stretching & Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Carpets naturally become loose and develop bumps or wrinkles. They can become harder to clean and create tripping hazards, and add wear and tear. Carpet stretching is an effective solution to push carpet edges to walls and secure them for a smoother, safer carpet.

Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration provides carpet stretching or repair for residents in Alexandria, Covington, Erlanger, and cities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Let us restore your carpet to it's previous flawless condition. Call or contact us today to reach a Teasdale Fenton carpet stretching expert.

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When is Carpet Stretching Necessary?

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Signs you should turn to the Teasdale Fenton carpet stretching experts include the following:

  • Bunching and wrinkling: If you notice significant wrinkling and bunching in your carpet, especially in high-traffic areas, it is a clear indication that the carpet needs stretching.
  • Loose or uneven carpet: When your carpet feels loose or uneven underfoot, it suggests that it has become stretched out and needs to be restored to its proper tension.
  • Bulging or ripples: Visible bulges or ripples in the carpet surface are a sign that the carpet has lost its tightness and needs to be stretched.
  • Tripping hazards: Excessive buckling or loose carpet edges can create tripping hazards, especially for children or elderly individuals. Carpet stretching can eliminate these hazards by securing the carpet to its proper position.
  • Difficulty in cleaning: If you find it increasingly difficult to clean your carpet due to bumps or wrinkles, it may be time for carpet stretching. Smoother, taut carpeting makes cleaning more effective and easier.
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We're Experts in Carpet Stretching

Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration assists customers with carpet cleaning and repair. Our power carpet stretcher removes carpet ripples and bumps to restore original appearance and precise placement. Choose us for best carpet results, as well as:

  • Experienced carpet industry professionals
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • BBB-accredited provider
  • IICRC-certified
  • Latest equipment and methods

Rely on Us Today For Best Carpet Stretching & Repair in Dayton

Don't needlessly invest in new carpeting. Our trained and certified technicians clean and repair carpet to a like-new appearance. Trust us for carpet stretching, carpet transition strips, carpet discoloration, dyeing, padding, water damage, and much more. Call us at 513-729-9793 for superior carpet care across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Our Customer Reviews

We stand behind all our work to ensure customer satisfaction, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Instead, read reviews from some of our satisfied customers!

Cincinnati, OH

Great work and service! Shane was our main point of contact and did an extremely great job of explaining things and coordinating services. Very grateful for the help received and his expertise navigating the water damage restoration and repair process!

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Cincinnati, OH

Teasdale Fenton responded to a flooded lower level due to a failed sump pump within 90 minutes of being called on a Friday night. Corey and Zack efficiently cleared what needed to be moved out of the way and then removed the water. They set up fans and a large dehumidifier. The next day a team came out to check on everything and measured for dampness.

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Cincinnati, OH

We had a pipe burst in our attic over a weekend and called Teasdale- Fenton. They sent someone out same-day to quote us on cleanup from the water leak and sent a team out the following day to remove wet insulation and leave Fans to dry everything out. Before removing the fans they moisture tested the whole area. Very pleased with their prompt and professional service.

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