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At Teasdale Fenton, our carpet cleaning technicians understand that every carpet is different, so the perfect solution will be applied to your unique carpet problems. We will do a walk-through with you to determine where high-traffic areas are, what areas need a deep cleaning or treatment, hard to reach areas and anything else you need us to know before we provide our quality carpet cleaning solutions.

Cleaner Carpets and Better Air Quality

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Dust, dirt, pet dander and other airborne particles hide in your carpets and it affects your indoor air quality. Poor air quality is problematic for allergy sufferers and people with vulnerable immune systems, like babies and elders. The only way to be sure that these harmful substances are removed from your carpets and air is to get professional carpet cleaning from a company that uses steam cleaning methods to really penetrate the carpets and remove these particles.

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Awards & Affiliations

At Teasdale Fenton, we do just that. Once we're finished with our carpet cleaning service, you will have better air quality and your carpets will be free from dust, stains, odors, and allergens.

Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Properties

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Commercial carpet cleaning is a whole other story, which is why we offer encapsulation cleaning for our customers with commercial properties. This process emulsifies contaminants and oils in your carpets, draws them to the surface, and prevents them from coming back. This is an environmentally-friendly, low-moisture method to carpet cleaning and it's favored by our customers who suffer from allergies. It also offers a quicker drying time which is key for properties with heavy foot traffic.

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At Teasdale Fenton, we are locally owned and operated, and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). We use the most advanced carpet cleaning methods available, giving us the ability to pass on greater savings to you while exceeding expectations on every visit. Our carpet cleaning technicians are employees, NOT contractors, so they are trained and properly marked with Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning and Restoration vehicles and uniforms.

When you need professional carpet cleaning, Teasdale Fenton is the name to remember. We offer a wide range of carpet and floor cleaning services to business and homeowners in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at 513-729-9793 to learn more about our cleaning services or schedule an appointment.