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VCT Cleaning Service by Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration

VCT Cleaning Service in Cincinnati, OH

Vinyl composite tiles (VCTs) are far superior to ordinary vinyl tiles as a floor covering in both residential and commercial settings. VCTs not only have higher resiliency and greater durability, but they are also recyclable and eco-friendly. Because of these benefits, many homeowners and entrepreneurs choose vinyl composite tiles as their main flooring for rooms that receive heavy foot traffic.

No matter how tough VCTs are, they still require regular maintenance to maximize their lifespan. When vinyl composite tiles have reached their foot-traffic limit, they begin to lose their shine. Dust, grime, and dirt can stick to the tiles. Tougher stains like grease or wine could become permanent if not addressed quickly.

When you see that your VCT flooring is starting to look tarnished, it's time to contact the skilled cleaning professionals from Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration. Our company has been helping customers in the Greater Cincinnati area for nearly two decades.

We have the equipment and expertise to restore the shine to your vinyl composite tiles at a customer-friendly price!

We Handle the Tough Stains, Too

You may think you can clean your vinyl composite tile floors on your own, but without the proper equipment and chemicals, you won't be able to make your tiles shine like new. At Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration, we will have your tarnished floors looking like new in no time thanks to our unique cleaning process. We can handle the tough stains, too.

When tough stains surface, the bucket-and-mop method simply won’t do. In times like these, you need to have your vinyl composite tiles stripped and polished, another specialty of our expert cleaning crews. The chemicals we use during our stripping and polishing process are tile friendly. We will complete the task quickly at your home in Greater Cincinnati, OH to minimize the disruption to your day.

Let Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration Clean Your Vinyl Composite Tiles in Cincinnati Ohio

When you contact Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration to clean your VCT flooring, we promise you will not be disappointed. We set the industry standard when it comes to professional cleaning services in the Greater Cincinnati area, from carpets to concrete and every other surface under the sun. Contact us online or give us a call at 513-729-9793 to receive a free estimate or learn more about our services.