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Causes of Mold in Your Home

 Causes of Mold

Invisible mold spores are always present in your home no matter how clean and dust-free it is. The problem arises when moisture and dampness convert the fungi spores into colonies of slimy, dark mold which can breed in the walls, leather contents, or furniture. Along with ruining the contents and beauty of your household, molds and fungus will cause health risks as well. Molds are known to be hyper-allergic and long-term exposure to them can trigger allergens, asthma, and cause other respiratory diseases.

So, what causes these horrible pathogens to breed in your home? Condensation and dampness are the biggest culprits, however, there are other contributing factors as well.

Top Four Reasons of Mold Growth

Causes of Mold

Humidity: During summer, consistent humidity in the air gives birth to mold spores as the moisture content in the air is usually high during this time. Ensure proper ventilation during warmer days to avoid high humidity. We will also suggest installing a dehumidifier for better results.

Condensation: On the other hand, in the colder days, your home will be susceptible to mold because of condensation. Insulate cold floors, metal and water pipes to avoid this problem.

Damp basement: A poorly waterproofed basement will always be damp and moist as groundwater or flooded water will often get accumulate in the space. Molds thrive in a moist and dark environment, hence, your basement is at high risk. To avoid a moldy basement, encapsulate your basement, repair foundation issues, and place a sump pump to direct water away from the foundation of your home.

Leaky appliances: Inspect your air-conditioner, water heater, and washing machine once in a while for detecting underlying leaks or damages. A leaky appliance will continuously spill water even if the leak is not noticeable. This will give birth to mold and bacteria ruining your wooden floors, carpets, or boarded walls.

If your home has already been affected by mold and other harmful pathogens, call our mold eradication specialists at Teasdale Fenton. We are certified by IIRC and provide 24/7 emergency service in Greater Cincinnati.

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