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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration with Teasdale Fenton

Teasdale Fenton and our partner company 1-800-Packouts are here to help you recover from your house fire. We are here to help you better understand the restoration process to get you back home as quickly as possible.

What is Fire Damage?

There’s more to fire damage than burnt items. Until surfaces are properly cleaned, the smoke and ash left behind can cause continual damage and corrosion.  

Smoke odors linger in the home long after the fire, causing problems like irritation. Walls and other can surfaces become discolored within a few minutes of smoke and ash exposure. Finishes on kitchen appliances can yellow and show signs of etching within a few hours. Glass becomes etched and metals tarnish quickly due to smoke damage.

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The Restoration Process

Teasdale Fenton’s fire restoration process is complete and meticulous. It includes:

  • Determining the source of the fire to understand and identify its type.
  • Assessing the results of the firefighting efforts and deciding on treatment for wet or water damaged areas.
  • If necessary, mitigating water damage.
  • Assessing materials that may be damaged due to smoke, soot, and ash.
  • Removing contents from home, including:
  • Clothing, business needs, prescriptions, schoolbooks, and anything else you may need for the next week.
  • All other contents that need to be cleaned and stored until restoration is complete.
  • Performing structural renovation, including:
    • - Identifying all charred contents that may seal in smoke (insulation, burnt wood, etc.) and removing them.
    • - Assessing damage to flooring and carpeting to determine if they need to be removed.
    • - Treating all areas for smoke odors and sealing.
  • Returning everything to pre-loss conditions by cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Returning all cleaned or stored contents back where they originated.
  • Work with and directly bill your insurance company. We are on all insurance companies’ preferred vendors lists.


If your personal items were damaged during the fire, Teasdale Fenton and 1-800-PACKOUT will pack them and safely transport them off-site to be cleaned, deodorized, and restored. Once they can be returned to your home, we’ll manage the safe transportation of your belongings back to you. We take every precaution possible to ensure your items are returned to you in their pre-fire condition.

Fire Damage Restoration Q&A

Q: How long will the fire restoration process take?
A: Every fire is different due to the varying amount of fire, smoke, and ash damage. Therefore, there is not a standard time frame. Your Teasdale Fenton fire restoration specialist will provide a projected time estimate for your situation.

Q: Can I disinfect and completely restore my home myself?
A: Unless you yourself are experienced in fire restoration, we suggest that you do not try to restore your home yourself. By allowing professionals to clean your home, you stand the best chance of salvaging as much as possible, as safely as possible.

Even if you are experienced in fire restoration, calling in a company like Teasdale Fenton can take added stress and burdens off of you. A home fire is traumatic, so it is advised that you take the time you need to recover and allow others to take care of getting your home back to its pre-fire state.

Q: Should I be aware of safety concerns for myself and my family?
A: Yes. Our top priority is the safety of both the occupant of the home as well as our employees. We identify safety hazards during the inspection phase of the restoration process. Hazards may include poor air quality, electrical concerns, standing water, and debris.  

Q: What personal items should I keep in my possession when my home is being restored?
A: Teasdale Fenton recommends keeping the following items with you during the restoration process:

  • Cash
  • Pets
  • Credit Cards
  • Weapons
  • Checkbooks
  • Personal Documents (Birth Certificates, Passports, etc.)
  • Medications
  • Valuable Jewelry

Q: Do I need to move out of my home during the fire restoration process?
A: This depends on the damage done by the fire. For small fires that were kept to one small area of the house, you may not need to stay in a hotel or home of a family member. However, if the fire was large, some safety concerns come up, such as odors, structural integrity, and electrical usage.

If you need to vacate your home, we recommend you forward your mail, stop deliveries, and notify your utility companies of suspension of services. 

Fire damage is very disrupting to your life, but Teasdale Fenton is here to help. We’re your go-to fire damage restoration experts in the Greater Cincinnati area. Call Teasdale Fenton for more information.

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